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Did You Know Your Desk Phone Can Receive Faxes?

If you have one of the new AVAYA phones you can now receive faxes using your phone number. Simply ask the sender to dial your desk phone when sending. You can then retrieve the fax by going to¬†¬†and (after logging in) selecting the item from the voicemail list. Once selected, you can save the file […]

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Phishing Precautions

Never give your university password to anyone, especially in response to an unsolicited e-mail message. A legitimate University of Maryland message will never make such a request. University e-mail users (along with users at many other universities) continue to receive fraudulent messages. These messages, impersonating university officials or referencing university services, are being sent in […]

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Temporary Guest Access To The UMD Wireless Network

University of Maryland faculty and staff have the ability to sponsor campus visitors for temporary guest access to the UMD wireless network. Wireless access requires an authentication using the Directory ID and password. The Guest Wireless Access Tool will allow faculty and staff to sponsor up to four temporary Guest authentication IDs. Each ID is […]

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